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Staying engaged will ensure you get the most from your system as well as keep you up to date on new equipment and features that you can take advantage of. Most importantly, in addition to information, customer support is there to help. If you are have a problem with or a question about using your system, need additional equipment, or simply need to update your information, customer support is just a call away. Congratulations on sticking with us this long!You should now have a thorough understanding of home security, feel confident in your decisions thanks to your research and having remained in control throughout the sales process, have a fully functional alarm system that you’re actively using, and are leveraging your security company’s customer service team as needed. We want to leave you with a couple important reminders: Test your system per your contract so your equipment warranty remains valid. Don’t forget the renewal date and terms of your contract. Many companies will not notify you of an upcoming renewal because they are scared notifying customers will remind them to cancel and they are hoping you will forget. Make sure you continue to use your system, don’t let it become an expensive and ineffective paper weight. You pay for the system, don’t let it only provide a false sense of security. It defeats the purpose of having an actively monitored system if you are not doing your part we encourage you to utilize interactive features such as, remote access, mobile alerts, geofencing features, and streaming video. After all of this, if you want to continue your education in home security explore our Learning and Resource Center for more.

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We love Abode’s online security dashboard, which provides you with an easy to read hub that’s accessible on any internet connected device.

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